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We care and won’t forget the Tohoku area for what happened on March 11, 2011.
We Love Tohoku was formed in Sept of 2015 and was orginally called TohokuCharityRun. We supported an orphanage (Tohoku Children’s Village) and raised enough money to purchase them many sports items such as basketball goal, soccer goal, ping pong table, frisbee golf and bicycles for each of the kids and for the “mom” of the family. We delivered to them on March 11, 2016, on the 5th year anniversary of the great Tohoku Earthquake.
This is our 4th year of doing Santa Delivery.  This year Santa will be going to Tohoku to hand out over 3000 goodie bags to children and elderly  from Dec 14-22. Santa will  depart from Camp Zama the evening of Saturday, Dec 14th and arrive in Sendai. On Sunday, Santa and the Santa Delivery Crew will have 3rd annual Christmas Party for the kids and staff of Kodomo no Mura Tohoku (Children’s Village Tohoku).
The following morning, Santa and crew will head to Morioka in Iwate Prefecture. Santa will spend time with the kids of the Children’s hospitals and orphanages giving them an opportunity to take photos with him. Santa will give each child a small goodie bags and present. Santa will visit elderly homes and also give them an opportunity to take photos with them, talk and give a hug. Santa will give each elderly person a special Christmas card made by a child and read to them what the card says. He will also give them a small goodie bag and an envelope that has two tea bags and a nice napkin. Santa will also make a special visit to a man who is bedrest at his house.
When we first visited him three years ago, it was the first time he smiled since he became ill one year earlier. Now he is excited for our visit every year.
この男性は、3 年前サンタが会いに行った際、病で倒れてしまって以来、一年ぶりに初めて笑顔を見せてくれました。今では毎年サンタが会いに来てくれるのを楽しみにしてくれています
Santa will continue his trip to Yamada machi for 2 days, then the next 4 days he will go to Kesennuma, Ofunato, Minami Sanrikucho, Ishinomaki and finishing his trip in Sendai.



Here is our schedule:


14 Dec: Depart Camp Zama arrive Sendai late night. 
15 Dec: 4th annual Christmas party at Kodomo no Mura Tohoku in Sendai.

16 Dec: arrive Morioka. We will visit Morioka Children's Hospital, couple elderly homes and Mr. Omori home. (Bedridden in home)

17-18 Dec Yamada town

19 Dec Otsuchi-cho  Kamaishi temp housing

19 Dec Ofunato, Rikuzentakata, Kesennuma

20 Dec  Minami Sanrikyo-cho, Ishinomaki

21 Dec Sendai.

22Dec Nasu Christ Junior College.

Nasu moose camp Resort









12月22日:那須      聖園那須老人ホーム      ムースキャンプリゾートで最後のサンタデリバリーの仕事を終えます。


We are still working on our schedule. we are updating our website to show each spot that we will be going to. Within a couple days it should be updated with all the information needed.



Visit our facebook at to keep up with updates.


Here is what we did in the past.








December 2016, 2017 and 2018: 


Santa Delivery



For 8 - 10 days, Santa went to various temporary houses, children's homes, orphanages and retirement homes to bring some Christmas Cheer. We delivered almost 3000 - 3500 good bags, tea gifts and hand made Christmas Cards to the people in Tohoku.

8- 10日間をかけサンタは様々な仮設住宅、子供の家、児童養護施設、老人ホームを巡りクリスマススピリットを人々に届けてきました。合わせて3000 - 3500 個程のプレゼント、ティーギフト、そして手作りのクリスマスカードを東北の人々にお配りしました。


March 2016:



On March 11th 2011 at 1446, the most powerful earthquake to hit Japan struck in the Tohoku area causing a 40.5 meter high tsunami killing almost 16,000 people. It also caused the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor meltdown. Operation Tomodachi was formed and implemented almost immediately. Over 24,000 US servicemen and women helped Japan as it struggled during this triple diaster. Almost all US bases in Japan was involved somehow with the operation.



In March, 2016, Ryoichi ran over 1100 km in 17 days while visiting 7 US bases and 4 Japanese bases which included having a ceremony at Camp Sendai for the 5th anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Ervin Lawrence supported him by riding his bike and carrying all the supplies needed to be successful.



Our mission was to visit as many bases we can that was involved with Operation Tomodachi and say thanks for their contributions to support the effort of restoring the Tohoku area. Ryoichi Sekiya ran over 1100 km over a course of 17 days to thank them for their support. Ervin Lawrence ride a bike with a trailer and support him buy carrying his food, water and other supplies.



We also raised over $6000 to buy Tohoku Children's Village sports equipment such as basketball goals, soccer goals, ping pong tables, bicycles and so much more.



We really appreciate your help and support to lift the spirits of these people and to bring them some good memories.



We are needing donations to make this trip successful. will be doing fund raisers and selling our left over t-shirts to help cover the cost of both events. If you have any items that you want to donate to us for the flea markets, please contact Also, you can donate to our Post Office Account or Go fund-me account.

両イベントの経費調達のため、今後募金活動や前回の残りのTシャツを販売する予定です。フリーマーケットに提供できるものがある方は、ぜひ までご連絡ください。またゆうちょ銀行の口座かゴー・ファンド・ミー (Go fund-me) のアカウントへの献金も受け付けております。

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We started our morning with a 3 hour drive to Morioka. We were greeted with some snow. Very beautiful for Santa and crew.

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We woke up with some snow on the ground. It was so beautiful and gave us the white Christmas feeling. We drove 3 hours through the mountains to the town of Yamada. This is one of our favorite places to visit. We met some really good people here in the last few years and became friends with many.

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Day one
Santa and crew took off from Camp Zama at 0200, Dec 16th and arrived at Tohoku Children's Village in Sendai at 0800. They immediately started setting up for the Christmas party. There was so much food that was provided by the community members of Camp Zama and Atsugi Air Base. Over 50 participants from the orphanage, nearby neighbors and past residents participated in wreath making and made gingerbread houses. After the meal, Santa made a special appearance and presented 19 youth with a present. 

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Thanks to the teens at the Atsugi Teen Center for collecting items for presents and goodie bags. We really appreciate it. 

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