Day 2 Santa Delivery 2018

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 07:01 -- Ervin

We started our morning with a 3 hour drive to Morioka. We were greeted with some snow. Very beautiful for Santa and crew.
First stop was a elderly home. There were around 30 wonderful people in the room waiting for Santa’s arrival. Ho Ho Ho belched Santa as he entered the room. Everyone started clapping. Santa went around the room giving each member a goodie bag, a tea bag set and a Christmas card written by a child. He read the card to each person. Couple ladies broke down crying with joy. Everyone for a photo with Santa and then a group photo. As Santa departed, he gave another Ho Ho Ho and off he went. One lady followed Santa and kept waving and saying thanks. Santa went back to her and gave her another hug and then left.

Next stop was to see Mr. Omori. This was the 3rd time Santa came and visited him. He was so happy to see Santa and our surprise guest, a reindeer. This year his grandkids couldn’t visit as they had school, but there were some relatives that joined. After talking for a while, handing out goodie bags and gifts, it was time to leave to go to the next stop.
Our next stop was two orphanages and a children’s hospital complex. Because of a flu breakout, we were not able to go inside of the hospital. Instead we waited at the door and some children saw us and came to investigate. Wow. It’s Santa! We got permission for some of the kids to come out and shake hands and hug Santa.
Next was the orphanage. As we were in the hall of the hospital, you could hear the excitement in the next room anticipating for Santa’s arrival.
Over 50 kids ranging from 5 yrs old all the way to high schools kids were waiting for Santa. Some were shy while others ran up to him. Each youth received a present, goodie bag, ref bag set and a Christmas card. You would of never known that these kids had serious health issues if you weren’t told, they were all full of energy.
Next we walked to the orphanage across the street were 5 youth was there greeting us outside. There were around 30 children excited to greet Santa.
Off went Santa to rest and prepare for the next day.
Day 2 Photo of the day


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