Day 3 Santa Delivery 2018

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 07:00 -- Ervin

We woke up with some snow on the ground. It was so beautiful and gave us the white Christmas feeling. We drove 3 hours through the mountains to the town of Yamada. This is one of our favorite places to visit. We met some really good people here in the last few years and became friends with many.
We started off with a visit to Orikasa preschool. This preschool was spared from the tsunami 7 years ago by stopping just a meter away. All the kids where in a large room waiting for the jolly ole man’s appearance. Ho Ho Ho came from Santa and then all the little ones started crying in sync. The older children were happy and yelling “Santa” As the bigger children received presents, the littler ones started to not be so afraid.

As we had down time, instead of taking a lunch, Rika searched google maps to see if there was an elderly home in the area. Within 10 min, we were off to visit 15 elderly in a group home. They were all surprised of the unexpected visit. As Santa was driving away, 4 of the elderly opened the door by the drive and waved us on.
Our next stop was Toyomo preschool. Santa went room to room visiting over 60 children. Because of the time of the visit, Santa entered their room while waking them up. What a surprise to wake up and Santa is standing there.
The last stop of the day was Daiichi Preschool. The children where waiting outside for Santa. As Santa drove up they were yelling “come on Santa”. But Santa and crew has to unload the Christmas trailer and load it with goodie bags. Once in a while Santa would peek around the van and the kids would get excited. Finally, Santa’s sleigh was loaded and headed to the school. One child became attached to Santa’s Reindeer and didn’t want to let her go.
Santa and crew than went to our hotel. Thanks to I-room for sponsoring our room in Yamada. We really appreciate it. We had dinner at the hotel and then we were invited to the Lion’s club for their final meeting of the year. 7 years after the tsunami, they finally have a small building of their own. Jazi the reindeer went to each member and they drew a number from the box. Then Santa picked their prize and handed to them. After the gift exchange was finished, the officers gave a speech about Santa Delivery, said thanks to us for what we do for their town. We were presented with some small gifts and a donation.
Photo of the day. Day three


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